Thursday, November 10, 2016

HW 11


Tomb Raider is a game that is one of my favorites. The recent 2013 adaption of it. The design of it overall is beautiful and very well done. The environment is very interactive and has a nice realistic look to it without being overdone. The characters are designed well and don't look fake or jokeish. The story itself is well put together and the growth of it, as well as its background information. The controls are quite easy, along with the fact that every time you start a new control, the game shows you which controls you need to use, which is useful. The game overall is very satisfying and I love playing it, as I've completed it multiple times.

Assassin's Creed 2 is also a game that I'm very fond of. The beginning of it has a good setup for the game plot that you have to go through. Being able to climb buildings and jump from object to object is also a plus and is something you don't find in every game. The design isn't fancy, but considering that, it's still quite well done in its entirety. The controls are easy to learn and understand, and that makes the game more enjoyable. Each objective has a specific story to it, so you're interested in what's going on.



Halo 3 was one game that I did not end up playing for very long. The game design overall, scene-wise, was okay but there was so much on the screen that sometimes it was difficult to distinct one thing from an enemy, etc. The controls were a bit confusing to me, at least on the Xbox 360 console. It's been quite a while since I have actually played this game, so it's a bit difficult to recall too much about it. That just shows, I think, how the experience of the game wasn't too impressive; at least not for myself. The game 'story' went too slowly and not enough happened in the beginning to keep me interested in the game. The way the design of the game was done, characters, environment, et cetera had too much detail and was overwhelming to the eye.

Skyrim is not the worst game I've played and I can enjoy it, but I never got very interested in it. There is too much going on in the plot of the game to follow easily and it can get confusing. There's  lot to the controls, and depending on what you want to do with them, the controls can change. The design is fairly nice, but it's very complicated and can get overwhelming. There are also a lot of glitches that can happen in the game; some can be funny, some annoying and troublesome to the player's attempts at playing. With how much goes on in the game, it can get overwhelming and push the player away.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


A simple dog bowl, possibly used to refresh player's health. To be found in suburban areas, not rural. Essentially they'll be by houses where the player can find them.


Used as an obstacle in game when running from antagonists. If the player hits it, they will need time to recover.

Scene with both objects in Unreal. Still working on mechanics and getting them on the correct level of ground.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Homework 3: Unreal First Steps

      My introduction project of Unreal was a simple set to go down a set of stairs. I had some difficulty adding textures to the items in the set, such as the cubes. I removed the starter set of chairs and a table, then added cubes around the floor. Once I did that, I added spiral stairs and made them thinner and wider, adding brick texture to them. After that, I added an octagon then made it have only 6 sides, then added stonework texture to it. I added a camera and some light, then finished.

Test Run File Here

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Resident Evil 6 is the latest game in a long line in the RE game series. The design of the game is great, as is the story. It's a survival zombie-like game, but focuses its creatures as victims of viruses and mutations. In this game, you can play the story in four different plot lines and seven different characters, so it almost feels like you get four games in one. I also like the darkness and apocalypse-setting to it.


Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider has been around for a little while, but I love the revamped version that was created. It's also a survival-type game, which is my favorite type. I enjoy the challenges it gives me to figure out. Also, the fact that the gameplay character is female is a huge accomplishment in games. The story in Tomb Raider has background and reason, and the one following this, Rise of the Tomb Raider, gets even better and more in depth of Laura Croft's reasoning and story.

Photo of an old building I took in NOLA. Lighting and exposure changed.

Photo of a horse I also took, edited to look painted and a bird image layered over it.

Farm 4 Dummies

Here is a simplistic video on farm life for dumb people. You can find all you need to know here and can now grow your own successful farm. 

Intro to Game Design, FSU 2016